ACF Honolulu May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2016 | Posted by Jennifer Malone Moss

Minutes of American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter

Meeting Date: 13 May 2016


Call to order: A Board Meeting of the American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on 13 May 2016. The meeting was convened at 10:02 am, President Grant Itomitsu presiding.


Members in attendance:


Frank Leake, Chairman of the Board                  Jenny Malone Moss, Secretary

Grant Itomitsu, President Daniel Swift
Matt Small, Vice President Brandon Hanagami
Matthew Egami, Treasurer  


Guests in attendance:

Laura Robinson

Janice Chu

Approval of minutes: Motion to amend April minutes to correct Frank Leake’s title to Chairman of the Board. Motion to approve amended minutes by Grant Itomitsu. Motion seconded by Frank Leake. Minutes approved unanimously as amended at 1005.

Old Business:

President Grant Itomitsu’s status as an ACF Member has been resolved. Jennifer Malone Moss approved as ACF Honolulu Chapter Secretary via email vote. Online banking has been set up.

Officers’ Reports:

President – Grant Itomitsu

A calendar has been created on Google Docs with dates for the Education Series. Board Members can update and fill in as needed or desired based on interest. Meeting guidelines have been verifies in accordance with ACF National and Chapter charters; there are no set criteria for meetings in terms of frequency or duration.


Vice President – Matt Small


Secretary – Jenny Malone Moss


Treasurer – Matthew Egami

Taxes have been filed via postcard filing. New CPA is Stephen Doyle.

Checking Balance:   $6059.54

CD Balance: $5717.51 (no change)

  • CD expires end of July 2016. Has made $17.51 in past few years. Investment possibilities to be researched for this membership money.


Board and Committee Reports: N/A

Unfinished Business:

Membership Series:

Membership Education series to be held four times annually. Dates and duration TBD. Dan Swift has people lined up for beverage education (wine, coffee and tea). Matt Small has glassware the ACF can use for wine event (16 dozen glasses). Ideal dates discussed. Series to begin Tuesday, September 13th at 6-7:30 pm. Format will be 90 minutes, general membership, limited space available. Events will be capped at 40 guests maximum. No promotion at this time other than announcement on website. Minutes and advisory information will be available via the ACF Honolulu website. Free for members, nominal fee for non-members. Jenny to look into ACF National criteria for CE’s.

Competition (December Salon):

Date: 9 December. Need to find local judges. KCC Department Chair Ron Takahashi has given ACF the ability to select judges. Multiple sponsors have been approved by KCC; Matt Small will talk to Russell about Y.Hata/Chef Zone sponsorship. Need to determine who can certify. Dan Swift to look into judges/certification. Jenny Malone Moss to look into possibility of streaming event on ACF Honolulu website.


High School and Community College outreach via word of mouth for competition. Email is too much of an administrative burden on educators. Partnerships should be prepackaged and present a benefit rather than a participation burden. Discussion of ACF Junior Member category for competition.


New Business:

Demos for Education series:

Possibility of partnership with Laura Robinson from Fresh Island Fish. Fabrication and Filet demo or fish and wine pairings discussed.

Social Media:

Use to promote ACF Honolulu. Jenny Malone Moss to handle admin. Potential to use Snapchat and Periscope for future ACF events. (No issues with ACF National). Need to develop Social Media strategy.


ACF Chapter Absorption. Kauai and Maui ACF Chapters closed. ACF Honolulu Chapter to offer support as requested.

Awards:Congratulations to Chef Frank Leake, who received America Academy of Chefs Service Award. Chef Leake has been named ACF West Region Ethics Representative.



Adjournment: Next meeting 24 June 2016 at 1000 at Chef Zone. The meeting was adjourned at 1112 am