ACF Honolulu March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2016 | Posted by Jennifer Malone Moss

Minutes of American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter

Meeting Date: 23 March 2016


Call to order: A Board Meeting of the American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on 23 March 2016. The meeting was convened at 10:04 am, President Grant Itomitsu presiding.


Members in attendance:


Grant Itomitsu, President Frank Leake, Chairman of the Board
Matt Small, Vice President Brandon Hanagami
Matthew Egami, Treasurer Dan Swift

Jenny Malone Moss


Approval of minutes: N/A


Officers’ Reports:


President – Grant Itomitsu

ACF National Update: Requirements of Chapter President. Email received from ACF National Director of Membership Development regarding requirements of chapter charter per Article VII Section 2 in ACF National By-laws. Only members holding Professional Culinarian status shall be eligible top serve as chapter president. At present we are compliant except for President’s membership type. Options include the election of a co-President with voting proxy or a change in membership type to Professional Culinarian. A short-term waiver is in effect to allow our chapter to vote at Chef Connect 2016. Decision to transfer membership following Chef Connect 2016. Frank Leake to take for action at and/or following Chef Connect.


Resignation of Lisa Emmonds from ACF National as Cert Chair Network Administrator.



Vice President – Matt Small

Will continue to host ACF HNL Board meetings at Chef Zone. Open invitation for future ACF HNL meetings and events at Chef Zone space pending availability. ACF HNL Board meeting schedule proposed. Upcoming monthly meetings to be held at Chef Zone Fridays at 10:00 am as follows:

  • April 2016 (via email)
  • 13 May 2016
  • 24 June 2016,
  • 22 July 2016
  • 19 Aug 2016


Secretary – N/A


Treasurer – Matthew Egami

  • Checking Balance: $6756.32 (ending Feb 2016)
    • Charges pending: ($55.71)
  • CD Balance: $5717.51 (matures 31 Jul 2016)


Income is derived from membership. Annual expenses $50 to maintain domain name and retainer of legal agent. HNL Chapter needs to file taxes and 2016 business filing Currently checkbook does not balance. Request made for online banking access.


Motion: Moved by Grant Itomitsu and seconded by Frank Leake that ACF Honolulu Chapter participate in online banking.

            Motion Carried


Board and Committee Reports: N/A


Unfinished Business: N/A


New Business:


Where do we go from here?

Identification of target membership: 20-30 years old and not currently active in ACF. Use education to drive membership for this target group. Format must be interactive to generate buzz.


What project defines ACF Honolulu?

Discussion of future projects including Wounded Warriors and Military Ohana. Further discussion of education and membership. Due to the current number of active members, initial focus to be on membership education, with expansion tabled for future discussion. “Leading the Way in Free Education” discussed as a platform to use free continuing education series to drive membership. Conversion to Continuing Education Hours will need approval from ACF National.


Jenny Malone Moss to start a student organization at Kapi’olani Community College to include KCC student Culinarians. Active membership by this group could grow future professional membership. Dan Swift will be Faculty Advisor.


Engage students in ACF after High School. Discussion of a cross-platform curriculum with Waipahu High School as an articulation model. ACF Honolulu Chapter to visit each school annually and/or host day programs at Leeward and Kapi’olani Community College Campuses. Brandon Hanagami to take lead on identifying High School needs and schedules of ACF events and visits.


Membership Education Series:

Matt Small to roll out competition calendar ASAP. Short format, interactive, Chef vs. Chef competitions. Can be held at Chef Zone. Crowd based judging to leverage interactive element.


Dan Swift to develop four annual wine/beer/coffee tastings with pairings for members. Short, medium and long format. Roll out in Fall.


Grant Itomitsu to prepare CEH Nutrition Series and Culinary Salon Nutrition Component.


Availability of free refresher courses discussed. Matthew Egami has online Sanitation curriculum.


ACF 2016 Culinary Salon:

December 2016 ACF Culinary Salon at Kapi’olani Community College, date TBD (potentially Thursday, Friday and Saturday (December 1,2 and 3 2016). Piggyback on this at 220 Grille with interactive competition events at 220 Grille (KCC, Chef Swift). High School Involvement with ACF HNL Chapter Visits to local schools.


Certifications to take place during 2016 Salon. Three ACE certified Chefs needed. SFC Joshua Perry (US Army): how long is cert good for? Will he be certified in December? Matt Small to contact.


HCEF lead-in to Salon via Social Media for joint promotion. Matthew Egami will talk to Hailey regarding possible partnership and promotion.


Open Discussion:

Open meetings to begin in Fall 2016. Build format now.



Open Positions:

Vice President (Special) and Secretary. VP Position to be Military Liaison position to bring Military ACF Membership back to ACF HNL Chapter meetings. Master Sergeant Ibarra, United States Army is currently identified as Military Liaison. Matt Small will contact her. Secretary still needed. Jenny Malone Moss nominated by Frank Leake.



Adjournment: April 2016 meeting to take place via email. Next meeting 13 May 2016 at 1000 at Chef Zone. The meeting was adjourned at 1224pm