ACF Honolulu June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2016 | Posted by Jennifer Malone Moss

Minutes of American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter

Meeting Date: 22 June 2016

Call to order: A Board Meeting of the American Culinary Federation, Honolulu Chapter was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on 22 June 2016. The meeting was convened at 10:00 am, President Grant Itomitsu presiding.

Members in attendance:

Frank Leake, Chairman of the Board

Grant Itomitsu, President

Matt Small, Vice President

Matthew Egami, Treasurer

Jenny Malone Moss, Secretary

Brandon Hanagami, Chair of High School Education

Approval of minutes: Motion to amend May minutes to correct PO Box and add guests in attendance. Motion to approve amended minutes by Grant Itomitsu. Motion seconded by Frank Leake. Minutes approved unanimously as amended at 1002.

Current Business:

Evaluators for December Practical Exams:

ACF Honolulu has been requested to select evaluators for December Practical Exams to coincide with KCC Culinary Salon. Decision made to recommend primary and alternate judges who are also ACF certified Evaluators and forward list to Chef Alan Tsuchiyama. One pastry and two savory judges are required for culinary salon. Chef Stafford DeCambra previously selected as primary savory judge. Local evaluators Chef Swift and Chef Marcelli identified to serve as backup in case availability of invited judges/evaluators changes. No members taking practical examinations to participate in vote to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Waiting on final decision on scheduling of Guslander event to determine Monday-Tuesday scheduling. Decision expected from KCC next week. Letters to judges/evaluators also expected to go out next week.

Motion to vote on Evaluators by Grant Itomitsu. Seconded.

Pastry: Chef Spendlove 3 votes. Chef Aoyama 3 votes. Dan Swift called for tiebreaker vote. Chef Spendlove selected as primary Pastry Evaluator. Chef Aoyama selected as alternate Pastry Evaluator.

Savory: Chef Matt Small abstains from voting. Chef Fisher receives unanimous vote as primary. Chef Spelman receives unanimous vote as alternate. Chef Chatham receives no votes.

Grant to draft a list of Primary and Alternate Evaluators to forward to KCC. Grant will contact Chef Marcelli to serve as alternate backup. Chef Swift selected to serve as primary backup.

Certification Chair:

In the past, ACF had a Certification Chairperson serve as Administrator for the Evaluation process. In the long run, we should identify a Certification Chair (Military?). For the time being, we need an Administrator. Chef Leake nominates Jenny as Administrator. Jenny to contact Heidi Krumm at ACF National regarding site approval and Administrator for December.

Officers’ Reports: 

President – Grant Itomitsu

ACF Chapter Absorbtion: Maui Chapter Information has been sent. We have not receive information from Kauai Chapter. Decision made to contact Carlton Brooks, Regional VP for information as to how to proceed.

Vice President – Matt Small

Membership Education Series:

Alice Wu Swift confirmed for September 13 @ 6pm. We will need CE approval. Need to submit paperwork. For first event, fish breakdown demo, prep food for pairing while wines for tasting are discussed. Final event will be the tasting, with food prepped from fish demo for pairing.

Secretary – Jenny Malone Moss

Website and Social Media:

Look into food related and or/college related events. Must be positive and have approval. Suggestion: non-credit classes, Chef Ed Kenney educational videos. Information to membership. Find out if it is possible to use Periscope for the upcoming Salon.

Treasurer – Matthew Egami

Checking Balance:    $6164.54 (less $75.00 today to be paid to Kuleana Web Designs).

CD Balance: $5717.51 (no change). Decision made to roll over.

Board and Committee Reports: N/A


New Business:

Dr. L.J. Minor Award:

Put out to membership. Nominations from ACF HNL.

High School Partnerships as an agenda item.

Brandon to follow up with NRA/HS partnership with Frank Gonzalez.



Former President Ed Frady retiring mid-August. Should ACF do something? Luncheon?

Adjournment: Next meeting 22 July 2016 at 1000 at Chef Zone. The meeting was adjourned at 1145 am